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Atharva Counseling Services Pvt. Ltd. makes people independent in EQUITY MARKET by training students and working class on skills & practical knowledge required for day to day activities in financial industry. In 2006, we were part of a team that lectured to the students of “ART OF INVESTING” at the prestigious Fr. Agnel Business School, Navi Mumbai to get the right perspective about equities. Over the years, our desire to enlighten, educate, and empower investors grew stronger. In December 2008 a company which started as a sole proprietor later moved on to a private limited company Atharva Counseling Services Pvt. Ltd. a landmark for Financial Knowledge. Atharva Counseling Services Pvt. Ltd. provides Financial – Training & Advisory. Within a span of 3 years Atharva Counseling Services Pvt. Ltd. has already rooted itself in implementing financial software. We believe in empowering investors with unbiased knowledge so they can take well informed financial decisions.   Thus as a natural extension, we added Investor Education to our portfolio of services through professional tutoring since 2010.

A much sought after Trainer for basics and advanced training on Stock Markets, Tushar has garnered reputation for imparting hyper-customized training modules for beginners, amateurs and domain experts. Delving deep into his experience of teaching, trading and consulting, Tushar helps build a solid foundation, correct popular mistakes, thwart temptation and also focuses on instilling a progressive mindset for investing in Stock Markets.

As the Founder of Atharva Counselling, Tushar has conducted sessions at numerous institutions and helped thousands of individuals:

  •  10+ Years of Stock Market Training Experience
  •  2000+ Hrs of Coaching
  •  1500+ Students
  •  300+ Clients